Built in 1910 at Essex, Massachusetts by Arthur D. Story, the Elsie was designed with a semi-knockabout schooner rig, reflecting the influence of the safer but costlier knockabout schooners. She was outfitted with power after her 1921 race with the Canadian schooner Bluenose. Under Canadian ownership in 1935, her seams opened at the stem rabbet and she foundered in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
The Elsie kit is easy to build with its machine carved solid hull, which needs only light shaping and sanding. Blocks and deadeyes are pre-finished hardwood; other fittings are expertly cast Britannia metal. Deck planking is basswood, and there's plenty of wood material for deck houses, furnishings, keel, stem, rudder and trim. Four dory nests and cordage complete the kit.
Three sheets of plans by Erik A.R. Ronnberg, Jr. are based on surveys by Howard Chapelle and photographs of the original vessel. A thorough 32-page instruction book updated by Ben Lankford concentrates on modeling techniques for 1/8" scale.

Entry Level

1/96 SCALE

21.5 X 16

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Price: 119.00